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Aircraft Lamps

In order to help pilots to land the aircraft in low visibility conditions, aircraft lamps, like landing lamp, are installed on the aircraft to illuminate runway. Navigation lamp is another aircraft lamp that is mounted on the aircrafts tail as well as wings.

Airfield Lamps

All areas of airfield, including runway and taxiway, are illuminated with airfield lamps. Illuminating such areas is vital for the safety and efficiency of air traffic operations. There are several airfield lamps to choose from.

Halogen Lamp

An incandescent lamp called halogen lamp produces bright light and used widely in residential and commercial lighting applications. As the name implies, the lamp uses halogen and inert gas. The benefits of using such lamp are high efficiency and longer lifespan.

Military Tank Lamps

Military tank lamps are bulbs used in military tanks in the headlights to provide bright white light to illuminate the road ahead. The bright light from these lamps ensure that tank can continue to operate in different conditions and situations.

Metal Halide Lamps

Metal Halide Lamps produce light by mixing metal halides and mercury vapor. There are electrodes and the metal halide salts in an inner quartz arc tube, and a gas mixture in an outer glass envelope of such lamps.

Miniature Lamps

Small-sized light bulbs also called miniature lamps are used for general lighting in addition to specific lighting applications, like electronic, medical and automotive. Available in different sizes, these lamps are affordable and easy to replace.

E Rikshaw Products

The range of E rikshaw products include components and accessories that are used in electric rikshaws. The lighting installed in rickshaws are tail lamps, head lamps, position lamps and number plate lamps.

LED Round Lights

When it comes to selecting a lighting option that is versatile and ideal for your vehicle, people generally prefer using LED round lights. Available in different shades, these lights are known for their superior lighting quality, cost-effectiveness and less power consumption.

Automobile Lamps

Buy from us head lamps, tail lamps and more automobile lamps at the best price. Our company supplies both, halogen and LED lamps for automotive applications.


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